This is Mexico

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We have a great contrast in the Latin American countries, on the one hand, the enormous corruption and poverty, on the other the wealth of culture and natural resources.

It is not surprising that there is a mistaken image of Mexico, and that it is seen as the land of the illegals, drug cartels and poor drunkards in hats and ponchos.

Although it is true that Mexico, like any third world country, has a very high poverty rate, where four out of five inhabitants live in poverty. It is also true that, despite everything, cultural riches are preserved that almost no first world country has.

Mi familia
This is how a welcome reunion looks like in my family in Mexico, no invitation needed.

For example, family and food. These two are always together since everything happens around the Mexican kitchen tables. Most Mexican families gather to give good or bad news, to celebrate or just to talk. Families eat most of the time together, and if they don’t live together, children take grandchildren to visit grandparents on weekends.

When people ask me to recommend a good Mexican restaurant, I never know what to say because I don’t eat at them, the reason is because most of those I’ve been to don’t have authentic food. The food in Mexico is very varied, depending on the region, for example, in my hometown in centralMexico there are zacahuil and bocoles, but not in the north or south of the country.
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